• LEVIATHAN review. Edinburgh Fringe, The Outlier Scotland, by Victoria Chen

    4 Stars (4 / 5)

    The athletic style of James Wilton’s choreography is absolutely stunning and mesmerises the audience in LEVIATHAN, a loose adaptation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Through seven chapters, the story examines mankind’s relationship with nature, underscored by the music of Lunatic Soul.

    There is almost no fault in this performance, delivered with such grandeur, that the audience is taken out to sea and underwater through the fluidity of the dancers alone. Sarah Jane Taylor, despite her lithe frame, conveys the magnificence of a whale. The movement of her spine highlights the beautiful undulation of the animal’s movement in the ocean. The men are no less, as only the courageous are able to realise Wilton’s inventive, complex choreography.

    LEVIATHAN is a must-watch at the Fringe. With such polished movement, simple storytelling and gorgeous design, this production is simply sublime.