• Last Man Standing Review, 5 Stars, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

    The fragility of humanity, life, time and love are explored through the bodies of six dancers carrying out a poignant, stark choreography. The movements are sleek and precise and the teamwork truly phenomenal.

    Perhaps more thought could be given to costumes, but this small detail stops mattering as the macabre interpretation of Orpheus and Eurydice’s tragic love story unfolds on stage. The intense performance oscillates between chaos and silence, and has the audience captivated from the get go.

    The progressive rock by ‘Tool”, thumping through the theatre, may not be for everyone, certainly don’t bring your grandma, however the experience is truly exhilarating. This is definitely a unique dance company, constantly pushing the limits.

    A beautiful performance and an intense pre-lunch mind workout, Last Man Standing is a must see for dance enthusiasts.

    Words: Elena Sorokina